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A Touch of Sophistication: The Unmatched Smoothness of Bemberg™

With its unique characteristics and sensory experience, BembergTM has carved a distinct niche in the world of textiles. BembergTM is the trademarked brand name for cupro fiber, which is only produced by Asahi Kasei. Cupro is a type of regenerated cellulose fiber that is made from cotton linter, a by-product from the manufacturing of cottonseed oil. Let's explore the lustrous smoothness of this yarn and discover how it adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to a wide range of products, setting itself apart in its own right.

The Science of BembergTM's Smooth Feel

One of the defining features of BembergTM is its exceptional smoothness. To understand what sets it apart, we need to examine its composition on a microscopic level. The cross-section of cupro fiber reveals that they are of uniform thickness and are perfectly round, without any irregularities or protrusions that could cause friction or irritation. This structural precision is the key to the fiber's unparalleled tactile qualities. When you run your fingers across fabrics made using BembergTM, you'll experience a silky smoothness that may be hard to find in other materials.

Unmatched Softness and Comfort

Fabrics made using BembergTM are not only smooth to the touch but also to the eye. Its lustrous appearance enhances its aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for various applications that require a touch of sophistication. Whether used in clothing, accessories, or home textiles, its smooth touch elevates the sensory experience in a wide range of products.

For example, cupro is an ideal material for elegant evening wear, such as dresses, suits, and jackets. Its smoothness creates a flattering silhouette and a graceful movement, while its breathability and moisture absorption keep the wearer comfortable and fresh. BembergTM is also perfect for luxurious bedding, such as sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. Its smoothness provides a cozy and soothing feeling, while its thermal regulation and anti-static properties may contribute to a restful sleep.


Versatility in Various Applications

BembergTM’s smoothness lends itself to various applications, allowing designers and manufacturers to create products that exude sophistication. It can be blended with other materials, such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, or synthetic materials, to create fabrics with different characteristics and benefits. For instance, BembergTM can be blended with wool to create a fabric that is warm and soft, or with cotton to create a fabric that has a more natural touch and a tropical feel.

BembergTM can also be treated with different finishes and techniques to achieve different effects and styles. For example, it can be dyed with vibrant colors or printed with intricate patterns to create eye-catching designs. It can also be used for creating textured surfaces or embellishments through techniques such as embroidery or by incorporating it into fabrics like georgette and chiffon, which are known for their unique surface effects.

A Sustainable Choice

BembergTM yarn is made from cotton linter, which is a by-product of cotton seed oil production. Since it is a biodegradable material, the production of this fiber has less environmental impact and it also contributes to the circular economy. Asahi Kasei also follows responsible production practices like closed loop production system, zero emissions policy etc. that reduce its water and chemical consumption, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation.
In conclusion, BembergTM provides a smooth sensation that offers luxury, comfort, and versatility. Its unique attributes make it a preferred choice for discerning individuals who appreciate quality and style. Indulge in the unrivalled sensory experience that only BembergTM can offer and elevate your lifestyle with a touch of sophistication.