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Beat the Heat: How Bemberg™ Keeps You Comfortable With its Moisture Control Properties

Summer is here, and with it comes the challenge of staying cool and comfortable in hot and humid environments. Whether you are working, travelling, or enjoying outdoor activities, you need clothing that can keep you comfortable. That’s where Bemberg™ comes in.

Bemberg™ is the brand name for cupro fiber produced by Asahi Kasei, a Japanese
manufacturer. It is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter, the soft fuzz that surrounds cotton seeds. Fabrics made using Bemberg™ are soft, smooth, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making them ideal for warm-weather garments.


How Bemberg™ Keeps You Comfortable

When you sweat, your body tries to cool itself by evaporating the moisture from your skin. However, if your clothing traps heat and moisture, it can interfere with this natural process and make you feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. Fabrics made using Bemberg™ help you avoid this problem by allowing heat and moisture to escape from your body.

Cupro fiber transports moisture away from your skin to the surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This moisture-wicking property may keep you comfortable. Cupro also has high thermal conductivity, which means it can transfer heat efficiently. This means they can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They are breathable too, which means they allow air to circulate through the fabric and prevent heat buildup.

Benefits in Hot Weather

Here is why Bemberg™ is a superior choice when used in hot weather garments:

  • They have great breathability for enhanced comfort in hot climates.
  • They provide effective moisture control, keeping the garments dry and cool.

Some Practical Tips

If you want to enjoy the comfort and elegance of fabrics made using Bemberg™ yarn in your wardrobe, here are some practical tips and advice:
  • Look for clothing labels that indicate Bemberg™ or cupro as the fabric content. You can also check the official Instagram of Bemberg™ India for a list of partners who use Bemberg™ fabrics in their products.
  • Choose clothing styles that are loose-fitting, lightweight, and breathable. Avoid tight-fitting, heavy, or synthetic clothing that can trap heat and moisture.
  • Opt for colors that reflect light rather than absorb it, such as white, beige, or pastel shades. Avoid dark colors that can make you feel hotter.
  • Layer your clothing with fabrics made using Bemberg™ to create versatile outfits that can adapt to different temperatures and occasions. For example, you can wear a camisole or undershirt made using Bemberg™ as a comfortable and breathable innerwear, providing a smooth and soft layer under your clothing.
Fabrics made using Bemberg™ can be an ideal choice for staying cool and comfortable in any climate. They offer a balanced blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them a popular option among consumers.