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Bemberg™ Attains “OK Biodegradable MARINE” Certification

Bemberg™ cupro fiber has obtained the prestigious "OK biodegradable MARINE" certification, issued by TÜV AUSTRIA BELGIUM NV/SA in Europe. This underscores the potential of fabric made from Bemberg™ yarn as a sustainable fabric, acknowledging its ability to biodegrade within marine ecosystems, thus contributing to the protection of these fragile environments and the minimization of our ecological footprint.
biodegradable fabric
As we reflect on World Oceans Day and its significance, it remains crucial to delve into the concept of marine biodegradability. This term refers to a material's inherent ability to decompose and disintegrate within marine environments through intricate biological processes. Bemberg™ undergoes a transformative journey within these ecosystems, gradually transitioning into simpler and non-toxic components, minimizing its environmental impact, and aligning with our sustainable values
Progress of disintegration of a garment with fabric using Bemberg™ yarn partly in marine environment
1st Week
3rd Week
5th Week
  • The temperature of the sea was 30ºC, oxygen and nutrient salt were present when the measurements and images were taken.
  • The sewing thread and interlining cloth are made of synthetic fibers.

The journey towards obtaining the "OK biodegradable MARINE" certification for Bemberg™ began with Asahi Kasei's R&D Laboratory for Applied Product and the Italian certification organization INNOVHUB-SSI, which previously verified its biodegradability in soil. Building upon these findings, the recent certification confirms Bemberg™ as a biodegradable filament yarn that demonstrates biodegradability in landfills and marine environments.

Bemberg™ stands out as a remarkable material for a variety of reasons. It is derived from 100% cotton linter, a by-product of cottonseed oil manufacturing. The production process employs a unique closed-loop system, minimizing waste and conserving valuable resources. Asahi Kasei's commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of renewable energy in manufacturing Bemberg™. Furthermore, the biodegradability of Bemberg™ enhances its sustainability credentials.

The acquisition of the "OK biodegradable MARINE" certification for Bemberg™ continuous filament is a significant step forward in addressing the issue of marine microplastics. Bemberg™ can now be considered a potential help to reducing the harmful impact of microplastics on our oceans and marine life.

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