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Inacraft 2022, Handicraft trade fair in Jakarta report

Inacraft 2022, Handicraft trade fair was held at Jakarta International Convention Center in Indonesia on 23rd to 27th in March. Milangkori, a local fabric producer had stalls to exhibit Eco-Printed fabric made with Bemberg™ under Asahi Kasei's cosponsorship.
It's reported 750 stalls as exhibitors and more than 60,000 people as visitors were gathered at the venue this time with the theme "From Smart Village To Global Market" which was designed that the economic recovery afer coronavirus-induced recession would be led not only by large enterprise, but also by small and medium-sized businesses on villages while aiming for entering the global market. Eco-Print by artists based on each place in Indonesia matches with this theme, therefore Milangkori could exhibit timely Eco-Printed fabric. The number of visitors of this event was less than usual, but they had fruitful meetings for real business. Eco-Print technique is compatible with natural dyes, and goes well with other Indonesian traditional handicraft without an environmental impact. This precious handicraft can be expected to keep on developing more with sustainable material, Bemberg™.

*Eco-Print : natural dyeing technique to copy shapes and colors of plant (e.g. leaves, flowers) on fabric