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What is Bemberg™: An Overview of Bemberg™ in the Indian Textile Industry

Bemberg™ is a unique material with distinct characteristics that make it ideal for various applications in the textile industry. Bemberg™ has a long history in India, where it has been used for decades to manufacture high-quality sarees and dupattas. In this blog, we will explore the origin, production, environmental aspects, and versatility of Bemberg™ in the Indian textile industry.
The Origin of Bemberg™

Bemberg™ is the brand name for a cupro fiber made by Asahi Kasei, a Japanese
manufacturer. Cupro was first developed in the late 19th century by J.P. Bemberg, a
German yarn producer. The representatives of J.P. Bemberg and Shitagau Noguchi (the founder of Asahi Kasei) signed a formal agreement in 1928 on the introduction of
technological machines in New York. And in 1929, Bemberg Fiber Co. Ltd. was established. Noguchi began production in 1931 in Japan and soon expanded to other countries, including India.

Bemberg™ entered the Indian market in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity among saree and dupatta manufacturers. It offered a smooth, silky, and breathable material that has high dyeability. Bemberg™ also had a natural sheen and drape that enhanced the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian garments.

The Production of Bemberg™

Bemberg™ is made from cotton linter, which is the fuzz around the cottonseed that is a byproduct of cottonseed oil production. Cotton linter is a biodegradable raw material that contains cellulose required for Bemberg™. The cotton linter is dissolved in a solvent and then extruded through fine nozzles to form continuous filaments. The filaments are then wound on the package.

Bemberg™ yarns are very fine, smooth, round, and uniform. They have enough tensile strength and elasticity, which make them suitable for weaving and knitting. They can also be blended with other natural or synthetic fibers to create different effects and textures. Fabrics made using Bemberg™ can be dyed, printed, embroidered, or embellished to suit various styles and preferences.

The Environmental Aspects of Bemberg™
  • Bemberg™ uses cotton linter as its raw material, which is a by-product of cottonseed oil production.
  • It uses a closed-loop production process that recovers and reuses the solvent used to dissolve the cotton linter.
  • It reduces the CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy in the production process.
  • It is biodegradable in soil as well as marine environmental conditions, which means it can break down naturally in soil and marine environments.
  • It has obtained several certifications and accreditations for its environmental performance, such as “OK biodegradable MARINE” by TÜV Austria and “RCS-100”.
The Versatility of Bemberg™

Bemberg™ is not only limited to sarees and dupattas but can also be used for various
applications in different industries. Looking at the markets outside of India, it is a versatile fiber that can adapt to different needs and demands of consumers and designers. Some examples of Bemberg™ applications are:

Fashion: Bemberg™ is widely used as a lining fabric for high-end suits and coats, as it provides comfort, breathability and anti-static properties.It can also be used for innerwear, dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, and more. Fabrics made using Bemberg™ can create different looks and feel depending on the weave, weight, finish, and blend of the yarns.

Home Textiles: Bemberg™ can be used for bedding, upholstery, padding, tablecloths, and more. They can create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere at home with their softness and moisture absorption.

Other Industries: Bemberg™ can also be used for industrial applications such as filters and packaging. It is also used for making inner gloves used in facilities. Bemberg™ offers functionality and performancevin various settings and conditions.

Bemberg™ is a remarkable fiber that has a long and rich history in the Indian textile industry. It is a sustainable and innovative solution that meets the diverse and evolving needs of consumers and designers. Bemberg™ is more than just a fiber, it is a lifestyle choice that reflects quality, elegance, and responsibility.